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The first time I tried a suit on,(fashion) I felt out of place. I couldn’t even knot a tie; had to Google for help. The internet was damn slow, so I turned to a friend who was unwilling to help…..just to teach me a lesson.
On that memorable Saturday morning, I stood right in front of a mirror and battled a useless rope. It was a struggle to get a colourful noose around my neck. I almost strangled myself to death in an attempt to look decent.
The groom stood by and watched me in dismay. He had obviously chosen the wrong man as his ‘best’man.
“Why can’t I just be a bestman in peace?” I protested. He kept staring at me without saying a word. I knew he was disappointed.
“Look, guy, I no be gentleman at all o (in Fela’s voice).”
And that’s true. I’m not one of those guys who sweat profusely in an extremely hot weather just to look responsible. No. My job doesn’t require I fit in and die trying to obey status quo.
Though I tried a couple of times to force it, it just did ‘werk’. So I hugged my fate and stopped trying.
Now I show up at meetings wearing Chinos trousers and tees. My best corporate bet would be to add a jacket. Then I knack my traditional Fila to fit. For a while, I got that obnoxious look from passersby. But do I care? Hell no! For me, this is freedom.
In fact, It actually inspired me to start a casual clothing line — a label that allows you wear what you want.
Of course , I wanted other people like me to enjoy the benefits that freedom brings. The choice to look amazingly different from those bland and timid people in ‘coat’. (no shade intended).
For God’s sake, this is Nigeria, a country with excessive heat wave. We have no reason to tie a rope around our necks to look appealing. If that’s not suicidal, then I wonder what would make a grown man tie himself up in broad daylight. Why not borrow a leaf from Saudi Arabians.
Look at Zuckerberg, look at Richard Branson, and look at you — they all figured out a dress code that works for them. You can do the same.
Now go figure out what works for you and rock it like no man’s business.
And by the way, ….feel free to suit yourself.
In other news, @fetchsignature will be one on August 1st. It’s been an amazing journey. Though I wonder what’s wrong with Nigerians and foreign stuffs.
We’ve learned quite a lot to make progress. We fell but dusted ourselves up again.
Kindly stop by and check out our page. We will be dishing our lots of goodies to mark our first anniversary.

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